April 2019

“Emily spoke at the PEPS quarterly Grandparent Event on the topic: Grandparenting in the Digital Age: Three Things to Know About Your Grandkids and Screentime. We were so thrilled to have her help Grandparents understand the up- and downsides of technology for children. Emily’s presentation and her ‘tech-intentional’ approach to technology was eye-opening for all and she did a wonderful job engaging our audience and incorporating in her talk the specific circumstance of the grandparents’ role in their childrens’ and grandchildrens’ lives. We are looking forward to bringing her back for an event with the parents we serve.”

Marion Mohrlok, Development Director, PEPS, Seattle

March 2019

“Emily personalized her approach to our school's needs by gathering and analyzing data from our students and faculty.  She was able to weave this data into her presentation so that the information felt like it matched our community's view on technology.  In her presentation, Emily quickly disarmed the defensiveness that parents can feel around their children's use of technology.  We frequently reference Emily's presentation with many members of our community and the information has helped us begin a dialogue about what we really want for our children in a rapidly changing world.”

 Meghan Kimpton, Head of School, The Meridian School, Seattle  

January 2019

“Emily visited our school and spoke with our faculty and then our families.  After hearing her speak both times, two words emerged to describe her presentation: relevant and engaging.  Her message was right on target and delivered in a convincing way that helped teachers and parents understand the impact of technology on the lives of kids.  Best of all, attendees left her presentation with specific next steps to consider when looking to rethink how teens use technology at home.  Thanks, Emily - your words helped me grow as an educator and parent.”

  Vince McGovern, Middle School Director, St Joseph School, Seattle  

December 2018

“The parents and guardians really enjoyed hearing Emily speak about a subject that seems to be something that all parents struggle with these days: ‘How much screentime is too much?’ She handled this sensitive subject with humor, empathy, and a boatload of data...Her presentation is engaging and has sparked a great dialogue amongst parents about screentime rules.”

Darbie Kirk, Lakeside School Parent-Guardian Association

December 2018

“Wow! Emily is a skilled speaker. Her presentation is incredibly well put-together, information-rich, and compassionate. It gave me a lot of new food for thought!”

Parent of 10-year-old, Seattle, WA

October 2018

“Emily brought much-needed expertise to our whole school community through her talks on finding balance with screentime. Her workshops were informative and also provided concrete ways that we can all improve our balance in this age of digital distraction.  We are so grateful to Emily for sharing her passion and wisdom with our school and highly recommend her services.”

Caitlin Ciannella, Director of Advancement, Cascades School, Bend, OR

April 2018

“We could not have been happier with Emily and her presentation...It was similar to a TED talk: great visuals and current data, dynamic pacing, thought-provoking, and really funny...Emily is simply a dynamo. She has set a very high bar at our school for parent presentations. ”

Barry Wright, Head of School at The Perkins School, Seattle, WA

June 2018

“Emily was incredibly patient, loving, and helpful in guiding me as we worked on tech boundaries for our home. Since establishing these rules and tech hours for our family, we have noticed a huge difference in our 7-year-old and in ourselves! We are forever grateful!”

Ruthie Cease, The Rebel Soul

March 2018

“Humorous, empathetic presenter.”

Seattle parent